Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Week 13 - Final Presentation

Judgement day had arrived! Each group had 20 minutes to present their work with some brief feedback directly after. Russell had set up a peer review system so that each group will give feedback to each group also.



Driving Simulation:
From day 1 I thought that this would have been a very challenging assignment to take on, and I was right! They managed to get the simulation up and running using a real steering wheel, the only part of the brief which wasn't met was the truck. The making of the steering wheel, the programming required to have it all functioning was very impressive. The start of their presentation was a bit slow and the Arduino Processor is still a mystery to me, but I never understood programming strongly.

Aerial Rope Way:
I found that Eric and Dominique both spoke very passionately about their project. I got the feeling that their meeting with the founders really enriched their view on Katoomba and helped understand the clients need. All of their work was well documented and I thought the website was an excellent touch. The video walk through's were surprisingly clear and visually nice and crisp!

Blacktown Marker Project:
I felt that this group had the best understanding of their brief and had undergone researching the surrounding area of the motorways and Blacktown very well. When they were presenting their work and unveiled the markers they created my first thoughts were that this would actually be very interesting the be driving beside and under. I thought the interactivity was a lovely touch, regardless of the legalities although the different types of interactivity were a bit much.
Virtual Museum:
I was unaware that the Virtual Museum group had their brief changed until they presented. Considering they only have a few weeks to put everything together i thought they handled the situation very well. The interactivity with the Ipad's was a great idea, the software was really responsive.

Oculus Presentation Roles:
Daniel - Introduction, briefly talk about brief
Dara - 3Ds Max Modelling, Texturing for UE4
Andrew - UE4 & demonstration
Matthew - Gantt chart, project limitations
Shanny: Scribe for feedback

After we finished our presentation the majority of the feedback we received was all UE4 based, mostly regarding blueprints and procedures which Andrew had answered well as he was our teams UE4 master.

As part of the presentation we required participants to test the Oculus Rift, immersing themselves in our environment that we have collaborated and worked on as a group.
The aim of the project was to outline and show users how dangerous using one of the construction vehicles can be on a Hong Kong construction site.
In the end, participants all agreed that they did not feel safe while being immersed into the environment because there were a lot of dangers that they have missed purely because it was impossible to see them. This included:

  • Simple factors like the reflection of the glass that they are looking through, it ultimately affected their vision 
  • Blind spots/dangerous objects (and people) that can not be seen at all whilst in the cabin of the vehicles
From Russell, he found it engaging when the dangers of the construction site were outlined, emphasising on the fact that the visibility whilst in those vehicles were quite difficult (correctly presenting the initial project problem).

Criticisms (from Russell):

  • He found an inconsistency in scale jumping between the vehicles. Russell said that the truck was particularly off and different from the crane & excavator.
  • The orientation appeared incorrect
  • If we could make it more user friendly in terms of not having to be told where to look once the Oculus is put on
  • An idea - to have the dangers outlined in UE4 via glowing material, e.g. glowing people or glowing dangerous steel beams.
Oculus Group Wiki:
Our group has complied a separate page which documents all our work, modelling, useful links, processes and the like. The information in the link below demonstrates the use of Unreal Engine 4 and 3DS Max for the purpose of replicating our work should our client require to do so.

Link :

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