Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Week 12 - Mercedez Benz

Guest Speaker - Jerry Stamoulis (Pacific Asian Marketing Manager)

Jerry also gave a presentation on Mobility, he took us on a trip into the future. Showing us what Mercedez Benz thought society will be like and what we have to look forward too. Mercedez is and has been one of the leaders in Automotive design and have a almost limitlessly funded Research and Development team.

He introduced us to a self supported car, it charges its own battery and can drive without a human behind the wheel. What I found most interesting about this lecture was that in the future Mercedez was focusing on the 'Drive experience' going from A to B. What I found noticeable was that the car interior that we all know and see daily is expected to change. The interior of a car becomes a habitable room, very similar to a living room. I found this related back to several other guest speakers during the semester who also mentioned similar ideas regarding Architecture and how it'll change in the future from what we know Architecture to be today.

Oculus Group Meeting:
With only 1 week to go before our Final Presentation we decided to meet to go over any issues we we're having and to try plan the last stretch of what remained. Dara and Shanny's model were almost near complete, they wanted to try fine tune the texturing process from 3DS to UE4 as we were having some trouble with the exportation. Andrew with well under way in setting up the Environment in UE4 and Mathew and myself were near completing the Truck model.

In this video I model the steering wheel, pedals, bring all geometry's together for the first time in their correct position in the cabin, search for Vray textures and apply them.

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